Freitag, 26. September 2014

Post aus dem unruhigen Südsudan

Der Pfeil zeigt auf die Stadt Yei,
wo die Schwestern sind.

Schwester Christa Petra Ahrer vom Kloster St. Koloman hat wieder Post aus dem Südsudan bekommen. Dort unterstützt unser Arbeitskreis Weltkirche die Schwestern, die auch dem "Stockerauer Orden" angehören. Wer gleich die originale Version in englischer Sprache lesen möchte, soll die kurze Zusammenfassung auf deutsch überspringen.
Die drei Jubiläumsprojekte laufen ja weiter:
  • Trauma Healing ("Kriegstrauma-Heilung) unterstützt von Kloster St. Koloman, 
  • Mental Health and Epilepsy Program: über Missionsprokur St. Gabriel und die  
  • Kindermission – Ganzheitliche Bildung (in der Halle, die von der Pfarre Stockerau  finanziert wird).
Sehr kurze Zusammenfassung:
Liebe Schwester Christa Petra und alle unsere Wohltäter in Stockerau!

Derzeit ist die Situation an den meisten Orten ruhig. Dennoch leben die Menschen in einer dauernden Situation der Sorge des Aufflammens neuer Gewalttätigkeiten. In Adis Abeba laufen derzeit gerade Friedensverhandlungen. 
Mit der Hilfe aus Stockerau geht die Arbeit an der Kriegstraumabeseitigung (im Südsudan gab es die letzten Jahrzehnte fast dauern Krieg) gut voran. Unsere Schwestern in der St. Bakhita Clinic haben eine neue Station für kranke Menschen aufgemacht. Wir warten sehnsüchtig auf die 6. Schwester in unserer Gemeinschaft und werden wohl eine zusätzliche Gemeinschaft gründen. Wir wissen schon, wo.

Wir sagen Ihnen millionenfach Dank und seien Sie gesegnet.
Sr. Mercy und die Schwesterngemeinschaft in Yei. South Sudan

Dear Sr. Christa Petra and all our Benevolent Benefactors in Stockerau,
       It was a great joy to read from Sr. Christa Petra that you would be meeting on 25th September, 2014. On behalf of our SSpS Community here in South Sudan and our people in the parish of Yei, I wish to greeting you all and ask for God's continual blessing on you all. Please receive our sincere gratitude to you for all the assistance you have been giving us. That in fact is a big share in our mission here.
     The Current Situation
The Situation in the country now is quite calm in most places. In fact people are tired now of fighting and of instability in general. In Yei, people feel safer though some or most of the people live in perpetual not knowing what will happen next. The Peace talks in Addis Ababa are going on yet there are outburst of violence here and there. We are looking forward to better conditions.
     With your help and our collective efforts, the work of trauma healing is going on well and many of our trainees are catching up well and some of them are already actively implementing  what they have learned from the training sessions on their communities.
Our Sisters in St. Bakhita Clinic are also reaching out to out sick people with loving care. An additional Unit for Treating the mentally ill patients has been added to their services. This was initiated in collaboration with our diocesan counseling center in order to attend to counselees and other clients. The Unit to the glory of God is able to treat a good number of its patients that come from far and near since this is the only such a service around here.

Our Two Sisters working with in the Pastoral ministry are giving holistic formation to  children through the Holy Childhood Association, the Youth and families while one of us  is actively involved in formation and empowerment of women in the parish.

   One more good news is that we are eagerly waiting for one more Sister SSpS to join our community as its sixth member. Since we only have five rooms, we have divided one of the rooms into two small rooms. This is now a real sign that we have to start moving out to another place to start a second community. We have so far identified the village but still waiting for some clarifications and specifications so that we can start seeking help for putting up our simple residence there and reach out to the people there who do not have access to proper health, educational, an pastoral care services there.
       Once again, we say thank you a million and stay blessed.
Sr. Mercy and Sisiters' Community in Yei. South Sudan

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